G’day… and other Aussie Sayings

You may have heard of the Australian phrase G’day for hello or mate as a term for a friend but there are other particular phrases used by Australians (Aussies) you might like to listen out for. Here are just a few:

Arvo afternoon

Aussie a term used to describe Australian residents. I’m Aussie means I’m Australian

BBQ Australians like to cook outside, especially in the summer months, on a portable gas heated hotplate called a barbecue. You will usually here someone saying they are having a BBQ for dinner. This refers to dinner (meat, vegetables) cooked on the outside barbecue.

Bloke Man, guy

Check it out Look at that

Dinkum, fair dinkum Genuine, truthful, the real thing

EskyPortable icebox or cooler

Fair enough unenthusiastic agreement

Footpath Sidewalk alongside road

Have a good one Have a good day

Hang on wait

How you travelling? This does not refer to your mode of travel e.g. car, train, plane but How you are feeling? Or how are you today?

How are you going? How are you? It is also an invitation to ask for help or advice.

How’d it go? How was it? e.g. the game

Good OnyaGood on you, term of approval

Jumper Sweater

Make a crust — Work for a living, as in How do you make a crust? means How do you earn a living?

No worries no problem or you are welcome

No idea I do not know

Oz Term for Australia

Reckon Think, as in What' ya reckon? means What do you think?

Ring, tinglePhone someone up, as in I'll give him a ring means I’ll phone him

She'll be right No problem, do not worry

We’re up the creek we are in trouble i.e. We cannot win the game after that shot

What’s up? What are you doing? Or Do you need something?

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